I am a 26 year old female whom after having a bany last March had my 6weeks check up and found out I had hpv 16 and mild dyskariosis so was referred for a coloscopy on Oct 15th. I turned up for it and the doctor asked did I no what they were gonna do so therefore she explained and told me to undress. She was able to show me the abnormal cells on screen and she then took a biopsy. I received my reulta to my biopsy on the 20th December which showed up cin3, so I went to see the gp which was a locum and she was horrified I hadn't had treatment yet, she rang the hospital demanding to no why I hadn't been seen yet. They said there was a backlog and I would have a letter in the next two weeks, I waited with extreme anxiety and still no letter. I rang the hospital to be told I was suppose to be seen in December but due to a backlog I won't be seen until March or April time. I have been getting a lot of cramps intense cramps Tbh, and lower back pain. I went to my own gp and she said she couldn't ring them all she could do was write a letter. Surely to God its a long time to wait to get this sorted.


Can any1 give me any advice, and if any1 had same symptoms that progressed to cervical cancer. It's constantly in my head.

HI hun I had mine done in November and got my treatment tomorrow. All I can think of is if they havent got you in a.s.a.p not to worry too much but if you are worried I would keep on at them until they get you in. it's a horrible time and waiting is the worse part of it all!. I hope somebody who has gone through it all pops along and gives you some reassurance hun.. xxx

Omg that seem way to long i had my smear first one age 24 the waiting  is the wores bit hun xxx