Worried why I'm being asked to go for colposcopy so soon!



new to to the forum. Had my first smear two weeks ago and to my great shock I got a phone call whilst on holiday ftom the colposcopy clinic to book an appointment. Worst last few days ever As she said she was t allowed to discuss my result over the phone and I would have to wait until I got home to read the letter. Tried to think positive that it was just borderline or CIN1 but when I read the letter it was HPV+ and CIN3. I think from most of the things I've read on this website and these forums I wouldnt actually be over worried im just worried about the fact some of you seem to have waited weeks for a colposcopy appointment yet I was phoned and got one in a matter of days! Should I be worried that I'm being seen so urgent. Also as its my first smear im worried I've had these abnormal cells a number of years and they have been undected and left to grow!


thank you for any advice.

Hey, please dont worry, the fact u got calles in is a good thing, the consultant is on the ball and wants to get rid of these horrible cells! You do not have cancer and the cells can take up to 10 years to develop and grow into something else. Try to relax and see what the consultant says, i have had two procedures as i too have the hpv, both times i was requested in in a matter of weeks. We clearly have good doctors!

Chin up 


Thank you for your response. you've made me feel slightly better. To be honest I'm not overly worried about it being Cancer as I know the chances are low. I'm not even concerned about the LLETZ I'm worried about the fact I may need further treatment. I don't really know what to think in all honesty think I just need to try and focus on not worrying until Wednesday. So glad I have read the other messages on the forum just to know I'm not the only one. Just keep trying to remind myself I'm so lucky they found the abnormalities now.


thank you again for your advice

this mirrors my experience. I also got a phone call whilts on holiday but they wouldn't tell me results! Got home on the 10th March & had Colp on the 18th (they originally booked it for the 17th but that is my daughters birthday so changed it). Good luck, try not to worry x

I had the same, phonecall rather than a letter, colposcopy the following week. My biopsies went away as urgent, had my appointment last Tuesday, it was CIN3 but all removed and normal smear in 6momths.   

Dont panic yet, not easy in reality but it may not be as bad as you think. Keep positive and fingers crossed for you :)

Thanks everyone! I'm feeling more positive now. Actually willing wednesday to come so I can just get it over with and hopefully move on!