HELP!! Periods after laser treatment and loop biopsy


Wondered if you could help me. After an anxious month waiting finally got my results back as CIN2. I stopped bleeding exactly a month after (on Wednesday) and now I’ve had spotting and cramps (baby pink thick discharge) a few days after. Thinking maybe the start of my period but that isn’t due for another week! I’m usually very regular.. is it normal to have ANOTHER period after 3 weeks? Or is my cervix not healed properly? 

I was on antibiotics for an infection which I assumed it cleared, but thinking maybe it hasn’t? Has anyone else had the same experiences?


rhank you in advance! 


I had lletz and lazer Dec 7th and my periods have been odd since. I was expecting one around 21st of Dec and it never really came. I think maybe it had come about a week earlier and i had mistaken it for bleeding from the procedure. 

However, bleeding is a sign of infection so i would keep your eye on it.


That’s what I was worried about.. but I’ve only just finished my course of antibiotics. Feel like I’m living at the doctors at the minute!! 


Good to know your periods have been off too!