No bleeding or period after Lletz

Hi, ive just joined as ive no one to talk to about this stuff :(  I had lletz treatment for cin2 on Oct 20th and so far haven't bled at all and now my period is a week late.  I'm sometimes 1-2 days late, but never this much.

I also expected to bleed after the treatment but so far I've only had clear/watery discharge (sometimes a big gush! Sorry tmi).  Of course I've Googled it and read how for 2% of women, their cervix can close up completely and not let anything through.

Should I be worried?  (no pill/not pregnant btw).

Thank you ladies x

I think we are all different. I had discharge a couple of days after and then a bleed day 6

 Mine was on and off for 3weeks. My periods are way out of sync, last one was in July (not pregnant) x

My doctor said it can take 3 months for periods to go back to normal. I had nothing for few weeks then massive bleed which they said was very heavy period now 2 weeks later another period. I think it just messes everything out of sync! Xx