This does not seem normal! Seeking advice pleaseeee!

Hi ladies!


I am sorry if this question has been asked previously... I have scanned through quite a few past posts and cannot find the answer I am looking for!


I had a colposcopy and got my results of CIN2 cells. They wanted to perform lletz treatment. Had the treatment 21st May (nearly 2 weeks ago) I was told to expect cramping (which I had for the week after, still getting the odd twinge) and discharge and bleeding. I have had a slight amount of yellowly discharge (like the iodine colour, others have described) But no bleeding. However grateful I am that I am not bleeding (cause lets face it, its never nice !!), my doctor told me that I should expect heavy bleeding for 4-6 weeks. So I am thinking is it normal that I am still not bleeding 2 weeks after? Does this mean something isn't right? 


Can anyone relate to this experience or possibly advise me, just to put my mind at rest as I'm thinking this is not normal !




Hi Lucy,

I had LLETZ on Monday and so far, no bleeding. I've had a tiny bit of discharge and what looks like coffee grinds when I wipe (sorry TMI!) but other than that and my bits feeling a bit nippy I've had nothing else.

I had LLETZ for CIN III back in 2003 and it was the same. No heavy bleeding, just a little bit of discharge. I think everybody is different so please don't worry about it.

Hope this reassures and good luck with your results!

Much love xx

Thank you Peanutbuttercup, it's good to know I am not alone !


Good luck with your results also! xxx

Hi Lucy,

I was the same,  cramps for a few hours then hardly any bleeding at all. Did get the coffee grain things too though!

Hi Lucy, same with me. I had bleeding at the end of the second week but it was like a light period. I was always waiting for the "gush" that some ladies have, but it never came. Hopefully you will be the same. Just be prepared with some pads in your bag just in case!

Thanks soo much ladies ! Very reassuring ! xxx