Sudden Bleeding After 1 Week

Hey everyone, 

I'm very new to this forum/website but would really appreciate some advice.

I had LLETZ treatment for CIN3 exactly a week ago today. I've had absolutely no bleeding or anything all week (just some watery vaguely pink discharge) but then suddenly today I've started bleeding - like a quite heavy period.

I've also got quite painful period-like pains.

Please could someone tell me if they've had a similar experience? Just seems a bit strange to come on suddenly after being fine for a week.

Thank you!

Hi ,

Yes I had the same after about 7-10 days after treatment . Only had watery stuff until then, then  it just came on. Mine was following a really bad smell which I thought was normal, and I also had cramps and back pain and pain in my legs. Rang my gp who seemed to think it was an infection so was given antibiotics for a week. I have also read, that the blood could be the scab coming away after treatment so I'm not really sure. If you feel worse maybe chat to your doctor. But mine resolved pretty quickly after that. Hope you feel better x

Yep i had this, 10 days after! It's now been 17 days and its back to watery discharge again. I also had cramps. As awful as it sounds, you just have to ride it out. Unless you have a temp or feel genuinley unwell then go to your doctor :) 

Thanks both of you :)

The cramping and bleeding has stayed the same for a few days but it's nice to know there's light at the end of the tunnel!