Help - Panicking now :-(


Right so I'm having LLETZ under GA for a small (hopefully non cancerous tumour) and also CIN 3 on Friday. It's my second LLETZ. The tumour causes bleeding every now and again and a big cause of concern of mine is that I keep having days of irregular bleeding between periods.

I'm currently half way though my pill packet and sod's law - I have come on a period this morning. I'm panicking so much that my LLETZ is on Friday and I need it doing, the bleeding is getting more and more irregular and I'm having pains in my back and tummy from this tumour. I've already had to rearrange LLETZ already from two weeks ago as I was due my period, now two weeks later (and two days before me LLETZ) and I'm bleeding again!

Will they still do it? I really don't see when I can get it done if not, this bleeding keeps happening all the time so I can't seem to ever time the appointments right, I will be gutted iof I have to move it again - it's never ending and I just want this thing out :-(

Has anyone had experience of LLETZ under GA when on your period? Can they do it? Will they?

So sorry if it's too much info, I just need help and the clinic nurse hasn't been helpful, she just threatened to cancel my appointment :-(

Hi hon,

I've looked this up for you, and although it says on the Jos info page about Lletz that it wouldnt normally be done during a period, there are various posts on here and on other websites that suggest that consultants are more than happy to go ahead anyway. Are you likely to be bleeding heavily by Friday? 

Hugs, Moly xxx

Thanks Molly,

I'm not bleeding too heavily, just enough to warrent using a tampon but not loads. So I doubt by Friday I'll be bleeding heavily. The thing is, I had a period two weeks ago so I don't know if this is another one or just irregular random bleeding? So annoyed at my body, I knew it would throw a curve ball last minute!!

I hope you're doing well and making a good recovery xx

Hi Jelly bean, 

When I went back to my consultatnt to discuss treatment after my MRI he decided a second LLETZ would be suitable, he asked to do it there and then,even after I told him I was on my period. Although as it was day 1 of cycle was quite heavy so I declined. it probably depends on the cons, but they will most probably want to just get on to remove it. Sorry I have no experience with GA  LLETZ, mine were both Local. xx

Thanks MAP, that seems encouraging. Some websites say they will and some say they won't. I'm put off ringing the clinic as the nurses don't seem very helpful and last time seemed more than happy to cancel me and I don't want them to do that again.

I think with me just having a period two weeks ago and now this bleeding, I'd say it's more or an irregular bleed and not a period. Suppose there's nothing I can do about that.

Glad to see that you've got the all clear now and recovered well :-) That is what I'm hoping for too! Lucy xx

Hi Lucy,

If the nurses seem more than happy to cancel, I would just turn up anyway and present yourself to the doctor. At least then he or she can make a decision and you can say everything you need to say. You could do without this hanging over you any longer.

Good luck with it all!

Kirsty xx 

Thanks Kirsty, you're right - I need to get it over with as it's just hanging over me. I can't even think about putting my tree up until it's done :-(

I hope Friday is a successful day for you too x

Thanks, Lucy! A special day for us both. :) x

Thanks Lucy,

im definitely improving! It does sound like an breakthrough type bleed, think you should do what Kirsty says and just go for it and get it over.

hope everything goes well,

Molly xxxx

I totally agree with Mollz about that