No bleeding after LLETZ

Hello ladies,

i was called in yesterday for a LLETZ procedure. I explained that I was on the second (most heaviest) day of my period, but they didn't mind and still wanted to go ahead. They found pre cancerous cells inside and outside of my cervix but have managed to remove them and am now waiting on results. The procedure was very scary but fine. We spoke about  childrens clarks shoes being expensive and holiday which was nice that they were trying to keep me calm. My worry is this- since returning home I've stopped bleeding. There is absolutely nothing happening and now I'm having a panic moment worrying what's happened to the rest if my period and why am I not bleeding after yesterday's procedure? Can anyone put my mind at ease please? Thank you.

Hi Boogie,

It's likely just because of either any silver nitrate they applied, or maybe swelling stopping it coming through. I'm sure if you give it a day or two it will settle down, so be prepared for it to break through :-) Hope you have a fast recovery xxx

Hello my love. Glad to hear the lletz went OK. I've not read of anyone having lletz done on their period before but I know that a lot of people, myself included, don't have any bleeding until a few days afterwards. I believe this is partly due to the fact that a hot wire was used which sort of seals the wound? And also a solution they use to stop bleeding. I could be completely wrong but I think that's why. Hopefully someone else will come along to clarify whether I'm talking rubbish or not :). All the best xxx

Thank you for your replies, I have had a small amount of bleeding today now and quite a lot of pain. I've spent the day sulking in my bed and watching television. Thankfully my mum came over and made egg and chips for tea. 

Hi Boogie, it is the first time I have heard anytone having lletz during their period too, bless you. Hope the pain goes away soon did they give you some pain relief?

i had lletz under GA yesterday for CGiN and CIN3 as my abnormalities were too close to my vaginal wall and have had very little pain just twinges when I laugh or move quickly.

i was told yesterday on discharge that I was given quite a few different pain killers on drip and from 18:30 yesterday I have been alternating between paracetamol and dihydrocodein (think that is the correct spelling). I have had a light pink/orangey coloured liquid which feels heavy but when i look at the pad (sorry TMI) there isnt that much. 


I hate  wearing pads so uncomfortable and feel so sweaty/unhygienic. 

That is so sweet of your mum. My mum has been over today too and boyfriend is currently cooking me chicken fajitas, yum! 


All the the best ladies xxxx

I hope everything is ok with you. This is all so confusing.


take care. Xxxxx

Hi Boogie it might help to talk to your GP just in case there's any risk of infection.