LLETZ under GA advice please

Hello lovely ladies... 

I am booked in for my LLETZ under GA tomorrow and my anxiety is going through the roof... Did any of you ladies have it done under GA and how long did you wait for results...?? 

Hope long are you out for and how long does the procedure take.? Did you go home on the same day..?? 

Also if it's cancer how do they inform you...?? I am petrified as I have so many symptoms...

Please can you share your experience with me.

Thank you, Bekah.




I had a Lletz under GA 10 years ago and waited around 10 days for the result.


I went home the same day and the Dr gave me an indi that all was well but that it would need to be confirmed. I had CIN3 which was all removed and have had 2 Gorgeous children since! 


I know this is a worrying time and I have read a few of your posts. I hope it goes well tomorrow 

Thank you for your reply Tigger,

I am feeling so anxious... Did youbhave any symptoms..?? xx

Hi Bekah 

I had lletz under GA last Saturday and it was fine. Haven't had any pain really just felt a bit drowsy. 

havent had any bleeding really either just what looks like brown water! Sorry Too much info 


I'm waiting for results now so feel your pain it's all I think about. But try not to worry all the staff I have seen so far have been so lovely xxxx

Oh and I was out the same day no problem at all think I was in the hospital in total for about 4 hours xxx

Hi again,


I had bleeding between periods. 

Thank you for your reply,

Very happy to hear you recovered quickly from your LLETZ... I hope it is the same for me... Did you have any symptoms..?? 

I am terrified as I have had discharge and bleeding between periods... 

I hope you get you good news letter very very soon xxx



Thank you Tigger,

It is always good to hear positive stories like yours... 


Hi Bekah,

I had a bit of discharge but dont think anything of it as its normal for some women to get discharge xx try not to worry xxxx

Hi bekah 1986, I am also going into hospital tomorrow for lletz and laser as smear & punch biopsies show CIN3. I have so many questions and worries also. The hospital have been less than helpful I must admit. Everything seems to be so rushed with me, I had a call last Tuesday to go in for a pre op the following morning and then surgery booked for tomorrow. I can't wait for it to all be over. 


Smear- 4th April

Smear results- 24th April- abnormal CIN 3

Colposcopy- 4th May- 4 punch biopsies taken, unable to do treatment as such a large area affected. 

Operation booked for- June 6th- Lletz & Laser under ga. 


Fingers crossed for you xx

Hi Kay,

Please see it as a good thing that it is all going so quickly for you as I'm sure you will gather from reading many of the posts the wait is the hardest... 

I had to wait a week for my pre op but then it was only a few days until the op... I was there on Tuesday for pre op and had op on Friday... Now the wait begins...

Dont worry about the procedure I was the same as you - area to large for LA not had any problem since having it done either..!! 

Good luck with yours tomorrow...

Lots of love xxx

Hi Bek, 

Thanks so much for your reply, surgery went ok. I seen a specialist who said he would be in touch with me soon- no idea why! Now the waiting game begins, feel ok post surgery. I am in bit of pain and just feel so tired. 



Hopefully good news for us all soon! 


4th April- Smear

24th April- Abnormal results

4th May- Colposcopy shows CIN3 unable to do treatment as large area affected. 4 punch biopsies taken. 

6th June- Laser cone & Lletz done under GA. 

Now the wait begins.....❤️