Help: Massive anxiety over this

I’m currently waiting for my results and I cannot function properly. I have no appetite, have been crying daily, and reading a lot of horror stories about this online and dr. google. I’m highly hypochondriac which does not help at all and I’m just happy find this community where you have a safe and open place to even ask/discuss these things.

So I’m having spotting in between periods for some months now. This only started after I’ve switched to a new type of birth control hormones/pills. I was taking one previously that I had no problems with. I’ve been taking this for years but I had to switch when I moved here. My GP prescribed me these new pills/ hormones and it’s the first time i’ve experienced several side effects like headache, sore breast (never had this with my old pill), and spotting. I told my GP about this and she just upped my hormones/pill dosage but still the same type of hormones. I’m still having the same spotting. I was told spotting is a common side effect of a new pill but I’m just a ball of anxiety until I get my HPV results.

My spotting is also very “patterned” or uniformed. They always come during the middle of my pill so I’m taking a 21-day pill with a 7-day break. My spotting is always between the 12th-16th day of the pill in the last months. It’s just strange.

Anyone with a similar experience? I also have PCOS btw so not new to having period problems my whole life. If anyone can have any input about this, thank you so much!