I need reassurance

Hi, I don't know if I'm worrying over nothing but... i recently visited my doctor to discuss my pill (i didn't think it was right for me) ive been experiencing bleeding between periods and after sex for quite a few months now, i was a bit naive as I expected to come away with a new contraception but instead I'm booked in for a smear and an ultrasound all within a week of my initial appointment.  I had my last smear 12 months ago which detected high levels of HPV and was sent for a coloscopy where I was given the all clear. Am I worrying over nothing or hold I fear the worst? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Thanks x

Hello :) sounds like you've kept your smears up to date which is great and therefore very unlikely to be anything serious. I know it's impossible not to worry with these kinds of things but you've no need to. I'm so glad your doctor referred you for a smear with those symptoms, I'm not saying that to try and worry you, like I said in your situation it sounds like its unlikely to be anything to worry about but it's always better to check than assume it's nothing and alot of GPS seem to do the latter. You should hang on to him or her! I've seen so many people have been turned away from one time and time again. Try and keep busy between now and then and let us know how it goes. If you find yourself getting really worried ring your GP, they'll be able to talk you over why they've referred you and reassure you a bit. Xxx

Hiya hun you may have a cervical ectoption and this is SOOOOO common in women on birth control pills, this appears on the cervix as a raw area and can sometimes look like things more serious so obv your gp is just being careful, if your smears are up to date then i wouldnt worry too much :)



Thank you all for you reassurance, had my repeat smear today and have an abdominal and transvaginal scan on Sunday, fingers crossed everything comes back normal. Sometimes you just can't help but fear the worst x and just to add, i half thought I was imagining the bleeding to be worse than it is until I went for a run (I'm quite an active person) but had to cut it short cos I knew I was bleeding! Even exercise is triggering a bleed x

It's rubbish isn't it, I wish we could just switch our minds off during times like these! Best of luck with the results xxx