Worried newby

Hello, new to this- literally just signed up.
So I’m 24, had my first smear in January, results came back HPV active and abnormal cells so I’m being sent for a colposcopy thing the week after next.
I’d found I was thinking about it constantly so hid all the leaflets so I’d not keep being reminded.
So all was fine until yesterday when I Started bleeding heavily, I’m not due on until 23rd March and have never ever bled between periods before. I’m always tired (like always!), recent loss in appetite (probably down to worrying), I’ve been on the pill over 5 years but (unfortunately) no unexplained weight loss haha!
So now I’m cacking myself.
To be honest I think I’ve already decided it’s worse case scenario because of all the symptoms and results combined (I know I should be optimistic and not worry too much but easier said than done) and I think I’m hoping a bunch of strangers telling me I’m fine and it’s probably nothing may have a positive effect. Not really sure why I’m writing or if I’m even asking a question but it feels good to have tapped it all out anyways as got nobody to share my thoughts with (friends with no experience of this, mother with anxiety so don’t want to worry her and a new partner that would probably run to the hills if I started discussing all the gory details at this stage in our relationship)
So yeah, all my symptoms are just coincidental right? And I’ll be fine yeah?

I just wrote a big massive reply and It never worked waaahh. :(

but anyway, I'm in the same boat although HPV testing isn't avaliable where I am so I have to wait 6 months so i totally get the anxious wait thing. 

worrying really can mess you up, can make you tired and makes you loose your appetite. as for the bleeding, could this be down to the pill? I was on it for a couple of years and i would have a sudden bleed now and then. its horrible when you start overthinking things and in this situation totally understandable! This site really has helped me and hopefully helps you :)