Continuous bleeding and other issues, waiting for smear results, bloods and scan

Hello all,

I am 31 years of age and recently had my first smear test (naughty I know)

This was brought on due to the fact I have had light spotting in between periods for about a year. More recently this has become quite consistent (for example I am currently on day 7 of continuous spotting). Always very light, sometimes bright red, sometimes dark and occasional tiny clots.

I have been on combined pill for few years and am sexually active. Never had children.

Swabs taken at smear show high level of trhush yet I have no typical symptoms of this.

Waiting for smear result, blood test result and have an ultrasound scan in a month.

In the meantime I am extremely beyond exhausted making simple tasks an effort, dull ache in legs and sometimes shotoing pain. Feel rather dreadful in general. 

I am not particularly worried or stressed out by any of it. I know you guys can't really dish out medical advise and I don't expect anyone to have all the answers just thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has had similar circumstances.

Thanks for reading.

think it may be just down to the pill causing the spotting and maybe anxiety and psycologic reaction all the symptoms im like that if i think somethings wrong it manifests in my head im waiting for my results n anxiety ridden cuz i had spotting also but that was down to taking morning after a few times 

I had my smear results this week which came back showing cell changes and HPV positive. I am waiting to have colposcopy on the 30th of this month. 


Not particularly worried just aware that in the menatime I'm really struggling with the fatigue more than anything else and have no idea if it's related. I think it quite likely it won't be rwlated but I'll have to go through all this first to rule stuff out, leaving it even longer before I can start working toward feeling better. But I am glad they are checking things and being thorough just frustrating waiting when your struggling with feeling unwell day to day. 

Mention it when you go for your appointment, might not be related but still worth mentioning?

Or book an appointment with your GP. 

 Just a hunch but I'm pregnant and in the first trimester i have been absolutely exhausted constantly. Could there be a chance you could be pregnant?