Help after LLetz procedure

I’m currently 9 days after my LLetz procedure which I had under GA. And felt I needed some comfort from others in the same position, I can’t seem to control my emotions at all. My cramps/bleeding are driving me crazy, does this subside any time soon? Or is this just the waiting game for the results? I feel like the hospital just don’t seem to care that I feel my life is on hold.

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Hello Corgi - I’m 16 days after my LLETZ and haven’t had the results yet. I started bleeding on about the 10th day and find it is worse between 6pm and 9pm, strangely. I don’t have cramps but I am looking forward to the bleeding stopping! I’m anxious about the results too but I just am very grateful that I’m in the system and that we have the opportunity for smear tests. I suspect the hospitals are really busy but yes, it seems a shame that we have to wait so long for results. My way of coping with things is to exercise - but I can’t do that for another couple of weeks so I’m making sure I get out every day for a good walk, which I find helps my mood.

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Hi, Jo.
It’s reassuring to know there are people in the same position. I too, feel very grateful to have had the procedure and know that the ball is rolling. I guess it just feels a little lonely, despite having a very loving partner - it still feels quite overwhelming and abit like ‘on you’re own’ with it. Have you been finding you can cope with your emotions well? I feel like it’s one very long period x10- haha!

Hoping you get your results soon! x

Hi ladies, I’ve just had my second Lletz (in 8 weeks) so starting the journey again. Last time I definitely found the second week the worst, but it did slowly get better after that! My emotions were all over the place too. I found chatting to people going through the same thing on here really helped me feel less alone.

I won’t get my results till after Christmas because I already know it’s going to the multidisciplinary meeting again, and the wait is definitely the worst!! :purple_heart: hope you’re both doing okay x


I’m with you there Corgi - my husband is the best but I don’t want to plant things in his mind to make him worry too … I can worry and think of all kinds of scenarios all by myself without him worrying too! My motto has always been ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ … and I think that forum helps tremendously with ‘the worst’ because you feel like you’re not on your own. Emotion wise I’m not too bad … I just tell myself I’m in the best position with the NHS, I walk daily, I eat really well (no processed food and lots of fruit and veg), take Vitamin D, B1 and B12 and Astralagus for my immune system. I want to be in good shape if further action is needed - I’m post menopause so I think its even more important as you get older! I’m also telling myself that worrying doesn’t do any good and that I will deal with any bad stuff if need be when it happens - not always easy though. Hope you start to feel a bit better - and you get your results soon too!

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Thanks guys. It definitely helps talking on here, it just feels like people understand abit more. I definitely feel I need to start looking after myself abit more and shake myself, I’ve sort of gone abit ‘sorry for myself’ and stopped caring about the foods I’m eating and things so that’s not going to help- just difficult to find the motivation!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to undergo a second LLETZ, fingers crossed!



Hi Hope22 - that’s a lot to deal with - just getting over the bleeding and stress and starting all over - but again, thank goodness these things have been noticed and you’re in the system. Sending you good, healthy vibes - and your results won’t be that long really! xx


Absolutely @JoCornwall - I’m definitely trying to focus on the fact that I’m being treated and that’s a good thing. I feel a bit calmer this time round because I know it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Do you mind me asking - what’s Astralagus? Is that recommended for your immune system?

@corgi i think it’s all about just being kind to yourself too! I stocked up on nice comfort food, and feel good tv/things to do before my second lletz. It’s great to eat well (and take vitamins - I’m trying this too) but comfort food and watching feelgood tv can also be good for the soul! Try not to be too hard on yourself whichever you end up doing xx

Hope22 - Astragalus - I was recommended it by someone on here who had CC … and I did a bit of research. I got it from Holland and Barratt and it’s a decent price - supposed to help your immune system. I also take B1 and B12 - that’s worth a bit of googling re the cervix and HPV. Also I read that all people in the UK should take a vitamin D from September to April … all these may not be worth it but I feel it’s worth a go. I eat a lot of raw veg … either with hummus or chopped finely in salads with a bit of mayo, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds … just trying to up my vitamins in as nice a way as I can really. Having said that, a nice cup of hot chocolate or cheese and biscuits helps balance all this out and I agree that being kind to yourself and putting your feet up and losing yourself in a box set is all part of it because your mind can take you to unnecessary bad places ahead of time


Hi everyone, I’m on day 4 after LLetz procedure 3rd time getting it done from May this year first time with cancer 1a1 and pre cancer which was all removed, got 6month smear and showed abnormal cells again so 4days ago had procedure done again but this time round I’m getting very bad cramping from day 2 which didn’t first are second time of getting procedure done hoping it settles

Hi Caroline,
My cramping is still here, some days worse than others. But I have recently been given antibiotics for an infection, so I’d definitely keep an eye out for that. I think its relatively normal for the cramping - I’ve just been using my hot water bottle and lots of comfy clothes days! Hope you feel better soon! x x

Thank you, head is in overdrive :woman_facepalming: thinking the worst, sorry to ask but did you have any bleeding? Mine stopped few hours after procedure well I say a bleed was almost none xx

I think that’s to be expected, mine is very much the same. I only feel okay once I am distracted… as soon as I am on my own or not busy my mind goes wild! I had some very very light bleeding/discharge for the first week or so, but then around day 8/9 the bleeding started very heavily and with more cramps. However, after I’d spoken to a nurse, she said this was all normal. It’s just such a toll mentally, and physically! xx

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I’ve now been told today, that my results are back. But I need to wait for the letter? Has anyone else had this?


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My consultant rang me today to say my results were back and I have pre cancer round edges of my cervix and said it’s unusual for them to come back so soon as I had LLetz done in June of this year but because of the high levels of hpv I have to have an hysterectomy early new year :smiling_face_with_tear: never had so much as a stitch are broken bone in my life hard to get my head round it,I have to have it done by abdomen surgery as my cervix is to high up and can’t have keyhole, really worried about surgery tho as the thought of being put to sleep and something going wrong :smiling_face_with_tear:

Morning Caroline,
I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time, I suppose on the positive theyre doing it early next year so you wont have to wait too long! I was the exact same worrying about being put to sleep (they did my lletz under ga) but it was totally fine! But it’s easy to say that once you’ve done it once I guess. How are you feeling today? It can be a very lonely and scary time, maybe a christmas movie and a hot water bottle day :slight_smile:

Not feeling as bad I’ve had a good old cry :cry: suppose in one way I’m lucky I can get op to stop pre cancer coming back, I’ve had 4kids and wasn’t planning any more theyve all been so supportive and my hubby, just some fears in the back of head if something goes wrong during op thank you for ur reply it does help chatting trying to be strong for my kiddies they hate seeing me worried xx

Ah, sometimes a good old cry is just what you need! You’re bound to feel so anxious and worried, you’re only human! I’ve found the forum very useful to speak to people that understand a little bit more, my partner has been very supportive too but I feel that people (unless having been through similar situations) just don’t really ‘get it’? One day you’ll look back on all of this and it’ll just be a memory, the hardest part is getting through the next few months, but then it’ll all be done and over with. It’s so hard to see the positives, and to get your mind off it - thinking of you xx

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