Heavy Bleeding after loops/Leetz

Just came out of hospital . Wednesday  I started  to have blood pouring  out of me with 5 blood clots . No one warned me how bad it could be . I had colopscy and biopsy .. loop and polpy removal last Wednesday. 

Started with dischsrge..which is ok .

Sunday ..Blood started  like a period .

Wednesday  constantly dropped out of me and 5 clots .

I phoned up gyn  ward  and they said to come in . As a maxi  pad was getting filled under a hour. 

Ive had 2 lots of antibiotics  on a drip . And 2 lots of saline.  And home today with antibiotics. 

I'm still waiting  for biosopy  results  as she was concerned.  She is back of holiday  next week and said she would chase us results if we dont hear  back . That will be around 2 weeks for results. 

Anyway if your not sure about bleeding  please make a phone call .

They said I had a inflamed  cervix  and little bit of infection. 

At momect  dischsrge  is like a light period if I move or resting spotting .