Advice Please


Hi Ladies,

Some advice please. I had my colposcopy and Lletz 9 days ago. I came on my normal period on Wednesday so 2 days ago. Today I have had some extremely heavy bleeding. Without going into too much info, I had to change my trousers twice today. One was a quick dash into a shop to get a pair of jeans. I then passed a clot the size of a golf ball. I was at my Mum's and i panicked which caused her to panic and call an ambulance. 

Long story short they have advised me to keep an eye on the bleeding and take myself to my local a and e if it continues. Although the bleeding was worrying as I have never been that heavy before, I kind of expected my first period to be heavier than normal. It was the clot that scared me, it was the size of it. 

Has anyone else experienced the really heavy bleeding and large clots?

Sorry for the TMI but a little worried. 

Thanks in advance. 


I haven't got any advice I am bleeding like a period at the moment but I have the coil so it's not that....  you did the right thing and got checked out quickly x can you make a appointment with your doctor or just do a phone call appointment to discuss and help you get peace of mind xxx good luck xxxx 

Thanks for your reply doots,

Bleeding seems to have eased off a bit. Still there but nowhere near as bad. Have been taking it easy today which I think has helped. i now feel more tired though!! I'm not one to sit around and rest. Found it really hard but my husband has been telling me off when I go to do something!!

i am going to see how it goes and call the doctor if I need to. To be honest I didn't think I would feel as bad I do!!

Good luck to you too and hope you get your results soon.


I think taking it easy is easier said than done but rest is essential and if you feel tired sleep it's not a bad thing to sleep in the middle of the day..  love the fact that your husband tells you off how lovely and supporting of him. I think this leep procedure effects people differently we cant all be under the umbrella marked "Same" although it would make things a little easier if we were...  keep me posted on your progress xxx take care xxxx