Having 2nd op after cin3 results from colposcopy

Hi I am 30 yrs old and a mum of 4. 18 months ago I had the lletz procedure after having abnormalities on cin 2 and cin 3 went back 6 months later for another colposcopy to be told there was still a few mily abnormal cells but would settle down and probably go and to go back for another colposcopy in 12 months time . I went for this 3 weeks ago and the results came back as abnormal with all abnormalities being cin 3 after speaking to the clinic they said they were rushing an appointment through as it needs to be treated as soon as possible  but im even more worried now  and im scared it may go further. Has anyone had this problem before and could possibly give me some advice please x

Hi, sorry to hear that you are in that situation. I'm also 30 years old, mummy of 2! I've had 2 lletz treatment already to treat CN3, had a smear and discovered that I still have CN3! I'm going for a colposcopy on wed (9th oct) ! Just have this feeling that my abnormal cells has to be a bit further than they think as is not clearing up! So hope I'm wrong this time! Make sure you ask all the questions for your doctor! In my case I feel so stupid as the only time I got really worried is now after having 2 lletz without clear margins ... just hope is not too late! 

I'm sorry I can't help you very much with advice just think that you should call back to try understand better your case, why they rushing? You must be in different area but here in Kent even tough I have the third time CN3 they don't seem to be in any rush at all ...  

Wishing you all the best! Good luck ... I hope all goes well this time around! ;-) 

Hiya im sorry it has taken a long yime to reply but I had the lletz and diatherme  operation today there was no rush for an appointment as they lost my paperwork conveniently im in chester and they are fairly good here however the surgeon clearly hadnt read my notes as he didnt know this was my 2nd time im dosed up with painkillers as im in agony and there still not working I am bleeding quite heavily too I wasnt like this the 1st time round and ive also been advised to hsve no more children as there is a very high risk og goibg into early labour and waters breaking at around 19 to 20 weeks which is ok as I didnt intend hsving snymore however it still worries me.


Im so sorryits your 3rd time its really not nice is it I cried for a few weeks thinking I was dying and my husband just told me to get on with it which was hard to do . I really really hope it has gone well for you this time I do hope we could stay in touch and maybe help each other through our experiances and thankyou so much for sharing your e periance with me im very greatful ( sorry if spelling is bad its the stupid phone lol I really look forward to hearing from you soon  take care hun xxI