Has anyone had lletz done with an uti at the same time?

Hi all,

I have a lletz peocedure booked for next Monday (biopsies came back as CIN3), but 2 weeks after my biopsies (3 weeks ago), I developed an UTI.

Got some antibiotics from the doctor for 4 days and symptoms seemed to be slightly improving. Well now, it feels like the same symptoms are coming back a week later - continuous lower abdominal pain, fatigue, off my food.

I'd just like to see if anyone else out there has had the procedure done whilst suffering or being treated for an uti. Will I have to postpone my lletz?

I know I'monly guessing at the moment that the UTI hasn't gone because I can't get a sample tested until Monday morning, and, of course, it could just be IBS due to being so aprehensive about the procedure. But just wanted to know other women's experiences of this, just in case.

I really don't want to put this off - have even taken two pill packs back to back to not be on my period that day!!

hi i started off getting the odd pain lower right side soemtimes around my back i keep getting re occuring utis lower abdo pain awaiting colposcopy next friday convinced its cancer abnoraml cells and hpv positive i thi nk my anxiety isnt helping and pain meds are effecting ibs