Cystitis after lletz?

Hi ladies,

I had my lletz treatment on Tuesday. All went perfectly fine. I've had no pain until today (Thursday).

I've had not bleedibg just a leaky, watery discharge (sorry TMI) is that normal?

Anyway, today it feels like I have symptoms of cystitis. Dull ache, have the feeling I need to pee when I've already been and a stingy feeling when I do.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal and safe for my to get some sachets from the chemist or should I call the GP?

I felt absolutely fine the day of procedure and yesterday but today I feel pretty rotten and exhausted as well.


26/02/15 - smear done

27/03/15 - letter confirming abnormal smear and appointment for colposcopy 

30/03/15 - colposcopy and biopsy

21/04/15 - letter confirming CIN3 and appointment for lletz 

05/05/15 - lletz treatment. Awaiting results 


i had some urinary symptoms and had developed a post lletz infection.  I also had back and abdo pain, bleeding and just a general feeling of bein worn out.  I tried to carry on without treatment and advice and ended up with a much more severe infection than I might have had.  

I say listen to your body.  If something feels off ring the ward and get some guidance.  

Hope we you feel better soon!!