Is it normal after lletz?


I have been reading on here for a while and cant believe how supportive people were so thought I would give it a go myself. I received lletz treatment for what thy think is cin2 cells. The treatment itself was fine (despite me being so nervous and scared it would hurt). Since Friday I haven't had any bleeding or anything which suprised me. However last night I started t get light pinky coloured discharge which I thought was normal, since this started though I feel like I have cystitis, constantly needing to wee,  pressure in my lower abdomen and a burning sensation when I do go :( has anybody else had this? I've had cystitis before but never needed to take anything as I normally jut drink plenty of water and with in a day or 2 it clears. I'm just scared to leave it in case it develops and I have a family day out planned Saturday so really don't want to feel worse :( I'm thinking of leaving it until tomorrow and then ringing doctor if no improvement. 

Many thanks! 

Lauren :) 


From my experience of lletz that doesn't sound normal I had a lot of bleeding but no pain or burning. It's possible you could have a slight infection, I would give your doctor a ring and see what they think you might need antibiotics x 

Thank you for replying! I went to doctors on Friday afternoon and he has prescribed anti biotic a which will combat the cystitis and any other infection there as well :) feels so much better now! :) xxx