Happy update

Hi everyone. Just thought i'd update. So had cin 3, got lletz and biopsy taken. The waiting on results drove me mad and had me so worried.

But had a letter through saying they were happy with biopsy results and i've to go back for a smear in 6 months. 

Just thought i'd let you know my positive outcome and maybe put some of your minds at rest a bit. I know how stressful and worrying it is and i hope everyone waiting on results are managing ok and get positive news. Good luck ladies ❤x

Im so pleased for you i kkow how much you were worrying ony post and was hoping to hear good news from you

Im currently now waiting for results from lletz treatment done on 10th dec, nurse said 4 week wait but know with xmas will be so much longer, its driving me insane yet again, i want to enjoy xmas with family but its the niggling thoughts that are stopping me from even feeling in the xmas spirit

Gonna be the longest wait ever i feel, its crazy how long they make you wait, yet again its a case of you will experience x y z with physical recovery but not one word of emotional thoughts 

  1. Not sure how i can carry on without knowing Cry

Hi Tracey,

Thank you so much for your update.  That's brilliant news.  I am so so pleased for you.  Also it's reassuring to see a positive outcome for all of us still waiting.

I've had the same as you -  lletz and biopsy (high grade severe from smear) and thought to be cin 3 at colposcopy on 3 Dec. 

I am finding the waiting is so hard... as I  know you did from one of your earlier posts.

Thank you again for your update ❤ 

The waiting is so hard. You just can't stop worrying about it, be hard for you over xmas as well. Wish i could say something that could make you feel better but i know no matter what anyone says the stress and worry doesn't go away. Just know you're not alone and use this forum to vent or get support. Keeping everything crossed for you that you get positive results and not waiting much longer ❤x

Thankyou. I'm so relieved. The waiting is so difficult, i couldn't think of anything else. I found this forum so helpful as there were so many people in the same situation and feeling the same as me. Really hope your results come back soon and it's good news ❤x

Pleased for you had my treatment done 23nov  still waiting for results and am going on holiday on Wednesday and feeling really anxious just hoping I get results before I go can I ask how long you had the discharge and bleeding for as I'm still got discharge and a little bit of blood it's now been just over three weeks and I also have atrophe which makes me feel even worse as it is so sore just want to get back to normal again with not having to worry about this  

That's fantastic!

I got great news too, it's such a relief I haven't fully realized it yet!



Really hope you hear back before your holiday. I didn't really bleed but had a lot of discharge for about 2 weeks. But i had an infection so once i had antibiotics my discharge disappeared really fast. I was told could last up to 4 weeks but if you think somethings up just go see the dr. You know your body and no harm in getting it checked. Fingers crossed that you get good news soon ❤x

That's great! Oh me too, so relieved.x