Results the waiting is driving me crazy and feeling v depressed

Been waiting 4 weeks and 1 day now, chased several times. 

My smear was borderline with hpv and so had colpscopy and the biopsy came back cin3 so was a shock from borderline changes. Had lletz 4 weeks ago and still waiting. As the results from smear to biopsy was so different it has been worrying me like crazy and I find I am just in a daze  As my mind always has it going on. I'm having bad dreams it's all having such a horrible effect on me. I can sit thinking, worrying and googling for hours. I have felt depressed over this whole experience.  I felt the treatment itself a breeze the waiting has been harder.

I asked the nurse colposopist if no news is good news and she said no it could be they need a second opinion the person it was allocated to could have been away etc so doesn't mean anything.

just wondering if anyone else is waiting this long too? Xxx




i had Lletz treatment 5 weeks ago and still waiting results. xxx

Hi Ladies! I was just wondering whether you'd tried phoning the hospital for your results? I received mine over the phone 2 weeks after my treatment but had to wait over a week longer for the letter to drop through the door. I hope you're holding up ok under the circumstances...I know how terrible it is but hat's off to you both for waiting 4/5 weeks. I don't think i could have managed a day longer than i did!! Best wishes xxxx

Yes I have called loads of time to the nurse colposopopist (spelling?) she said in our area consultants never see results they get sent to her and she sends letter out. 

I called PALS today to see if they can chase things for me. 

condidering if you go private you get results 2 weeks later I think it's bad we have had to wait so long. 

praying for positive results for us Lollipop Xxx


thanks for your best wishes Vicky xxx

Hi I have just had results back from my coloscopy and it also gone from border linen change with hpv to cin 3. Booked in for lletz 22nd June. Does it hurt? And what results come off the back of it nothing has been explained v confused thanks x

hiya i had my lletz 4 weeks and 4 days ago and still no results. I phoned thehospital yesterday and there still in the lab. the waiting is driving me insane! i had to wait 4 weeks for my smear results, then two weeks for my appointment and now this! the waiting is definately the hardest part!

Amandab1 for me the lletz didnt hurt at all, it was more the fear of the unknown, however i was so nervous i took diazepam and had gas and air so i think that really took the edge of what was happening so i cant really give exact feelings.

Hi that's it the unknown. But what do they check for off the back of the lletz which takes so long x

Amanda the lletz didn't even hurt was a burning sensation when they were numbing the area but can honestly say I didn't even think she had started and she said it's all done. didn't hurt at all I didn't even have a paracetomol before and went out for something to eat in the evening with my husband and children as didn't want to cook or tidy up. So honestly that bit was easy. It's the waiting that i have found so hard. Xxx

Kandicrash glad I'm not the only one going insane, I think these results should be much quicker.  Xxx praying for good results for you soon 

Hi that's it the unknown. But what do they check for off the back of the lletz which takes so long x

The unknown is so scary, i found it very reassuring to read others storys on here so i felt really prepared and knew all the terminology. They check to make sure the cin level is correct and also cervical cancer.

Amanda I also rang and asked about cancellations as I wanted it over with just a tip for you. 

TThanks both v much for your help it's such a worrying time. Hope everyone gets the right results xx

Thank you, and goodluck with your appointment and results :) x

Yes good luck with treatment promise you not much different to colposcopy. X

kandicrash and lollipop let's keep in touch re results. Hope we get them soon. My heart skips everytime I get the post :( 


Mine to Sarah, the only night i can sleep is saturdays as i know theres no post sundays!! i go on holiday thursday so was praying it would all be over by then and i could celebrate but its not looking promising and im still having symptions from the lletz treatment! lukily the lady i keep speaking to fromthe hospital is lovely and she said she would chase them up for me today.... unfortunately i didnt get a call so im guessing she had no luck :(

I hope you get results tomorrow or before you go on Thursday. It's so rubbish waiting feel like my husband doesn't understand why I am down and stressed. He just goes quiet if I talk about it. You could try Pals tomorrow I rang and they said they would chase for me, Google nha pals and they have access to our records too xxx

I have to pay for rest of my holiday in next few days and I was hoping to get results before I paid. 

ive never heard of pals but they seem to be mentioned quite alot on here so ill have a google now, thank you.

another problem is the nurse that said she would give me the results over the phone doesnt work wednesdays so its going to be fingers crossed for thursday morning or another long week! i guess at least i cant wait for the post or phone calls in another country so i might be able to relax and forget a little.

Try and call tomorrow and speak to someone else too maybe? My nurse is the same but she said results are still processed even if she isn't in so someone else would be able to help you see what number she leaves on her voicemail as alternative number xx

Good idea, thank you. Hopefully you will hear before you have to pay for your holiday too. fingers crossed for everyone waiting!

Hi ive been waiting just over three weeks with the consultant saying it would be around 4 weeks waiting, hope everyone hears soon xx