Hi just a quick update,  so had lletz on 10th dec told 4 week wait on the results, well i cant wait that long so on the off chance rang hospital this morning, she was typing my results at the time so read them to me over the phone...... lletz confirmed cin3 no sign of cancer and to book smear in 6 months time

It feels like a huge weight has just been lifted from my shoulders 

Want to say thank you to everyone on here for support and sharing your story and journey this forum has been a god send

Sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes to you all whatever stage you are on your jourmey and hoping everyone gets results sooner rather than later

Have a lovely christmas everyone x

Lovely to see this for you, just shows by ringing yourself you can get information quicker!! Who did you contact? 

Im so happy this is such a big relief for you and that you can have a magical Christmas Day!! xx 

I rang the reception of the clinic at the hospital, they were so lovely and helpful, i literally put the phone down and cried! Think it was tears of relief! Since october seems like its been a waiting game but to be fair on the hospital they have been brilliant and things havent been too long but still stressful

Thank you xx

Yes I can understand what you mean by relief the waiting is the hardest part it gets you down doesn’t it!! 

I ended up ringing mine yesterday she wouldn’t give me any information over the phone (which is fine) but she said it has been posted so hopefully get it tomorrow! Last night was best night sleep I had in a long time and im sure because I know the results will be here soon xx

Fingers crossed for you, please let me know, will have everything crossed x

That's great news. I hope you have a lovely christmas.


Thank you

And i wish everyone on here all the best, this place has been fab for venting/talking/support/advice