I can't bare the wait

Hi lovely brave ladies, I'm 25 and my first smear came back severe cin 3 and I have had colposcopy and lletz 2 weeks ago now waiting for the results. Ever time the postman comes my heart jumps and I rush to see if my results have come. I know that it's only a good thing that I have had lletz but I can't bare waiting another two weeks for the results. I know there are women in a much worse situation than me and I feel silly for moaning but u keep having a little cry x

Afternoon Honey,


I know exactly how you feel. But I am sure that your results will come back fine, i do believe no news is good news. If there was an issue they would have called you back in by now. I had CIN3 a few years back and it took a while for my letter to come through to say that they had got it all and to just attend my 6-monthly smears.

All my smears have been fine since but this time the nurse has referred me back to colposcopy, so now i am freaking out that she has seen something that wasn't picked up on the smear. Gulp. :-(

Hope your all clear letter hits your door mat soon.


Thanks for the reassurance,  it's when I'm on my own it's the worst, I just sit thinking about every single outcome. Sorry to hear you have another colp,  good luck x

The waiting is horrible isn't it. I had my colposcopy and they took punchole bioposys, had an horrific wait for that. I almost didn't want to hear back though, kept convincing myself my phone would ring with bad news.  I am now booked in for a LLETZ on Thursday, am dreading going back into the waiting for results game :-(

I'm the same as you, hate being by myself. Drive myself mad googling and imagining things when I am! Its hard isn't it, i'm sure your get the all clear soon! Don't feel silly, we are all in same boat and everyone understands the fear xx

Hiya, everyone on here will agree the wait is terrible

the trick is make yourself busy go out or read anything so your mind doesn't wonder

when I had my smear results showing CIN3 I googled until my little heart was content but it didint help

there is far too many horror stories and you find yourself googling the bad side, there is a very small minority of women

who have cin3 show actual CC if you look on here at the actual CC diagnosis forum there really isn't a lot not compared to what google

will have you believe xx

Im still waiting for my check up appointment.  When I had the lletz treatment I received a letter saying that they needed to see my bk jn clinic in six months because they were unsure if they had removed all the abnormal cells. 8 months later and im still waiting. I rang them and they apologised for letting it slip through the net. But thats just not the point. Im sure everything will be ok. Like it has already been said no news ia good news :)