Hair loss after treatment

Hi i have finished treatment radiotherapy and chrmo for 5 week a minth ago and i am loosing alot of hair . Didnt when i had treatment . Had anyone else had this .
Thanks for listening

Hi Alice,

Yes i lost about 1/3 of my hair after treatment. It settled down after about 6 months. I have very thick hair so you couldn’t notice it but when it was coming out it was everywhere kids kept of moaning that there were hairs in the food!!

Thankyou , i was getting so worrid i had no sideeffects when having treatment but now . I feel tired all the time, ache everywhere and the hair loss. Wont have a ct scan u till feb so everything makes me paranoid

Hi Alice410,

Yes, it was a shock with the hair shedding after treatment, my 2 treatment buddies also experienced the same thing after treatments were over, we were shedding a lot, for me it was about 2 months. I’m 3 months out now and finally back to normal. Side effects definitely came after treatments it was fatigue mainly for me and now getting some aches but nothing too bad, just thankful to be passed most of it.