Hair worries

Hi Ladies, ive read alot on here and i must say its very informative in many aspects, fantastic to read everyone’s storys. But finding many different ones via cisplatin and hair loss, some say thinning others have lost there hair,some have felt there was no change, so im now feeling confused, any help on this topic would be fantastic, thanks x

Hi @Lesley1

I had the standard chemorads (cisplatin) and didn’t lose any hair. Neither did any of the ladies I chatted with throughout treatment. I only lost hair down below from the radiotherapy (which has now grown back damn it! :joy:)
My hair has thinned slightly since treatment but I’m putting that down to menopause Xx

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Hi, thanks for reply, my oncologist said i wouldn’t, but reading forums on here many have so just wanted double check, glad to hear yourself and many others haven’t. Was going get short cut just incase but unsure what to do . Haha yeah they told me that, think was only positive,saves us hassle, for wee bit, shame that hair grow back. Z

@Lesley1 personally I wouldn’t get your hair cut unless you fancy a change! :blush::blush::blush:

Definitely dont want to but would if needed,thanks again. X

Had 5 rounds of Cisplatin with 25 days of radiation and I didn’t lose my hair. It didn’t even get thin.

Hi thanks for reply, liking this feed back so far, thats what treatment im having then bracky. Hope you are doing well x


Helloo! I finished treatment in June and I didn’t notice any hair loss during or after. I had 5 weeks of chemo rads. Best of luck with you’re treatment, feel free to message if you need anything xxx

Hi thanks for reply, this is great to hear, did you have thinning or snapping of hair ? Ive read up that much on this theres many who haven’t and some that have had problems. Thank you much appreciated x

I didn’t notice any changes, although my hair was super fragile and thin before I even started treatment as I was very underweight and anaemic. It probably the healthiest it’s ever been now though so I don’t think it suffered too much from the chemo! x

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Hi hope your doing well mrs, ive jus went got my hair cut shorter, has mind of its on, so thot it best al round, always need ghds,so most definitely required, hoping it dosent thin nor break. Thanks for reply x

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Aw I bet you look fab! I know what you mean about a mind of its own, I straighten my hair and 2 seconds later it’s curly again!:joy: Best if luck with your treatment hun, you’ll smash it xxx

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Yours definitely sounds just like mine :see_no_evil: nightmare…Thank you x

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Hey @Lesley1,

I didn’t lose my hair when I was on cisplatin either during my treatment 2 years ago but for me personally I did notice more “fallout” then previously. But nothing major and my hair is still grand now!

So I wouldn’t worry about hair loss at all! If you find that you get more fall out than usual when brushing - you’ll know to expect it :relaxed:

All the best for your journey x

Hi @Orchid86 , thanks for your reply, good to hear you never lost yours either, the amount of hairloss ive had over past few yrs, never mind treatment makes me worry more even just thinning, cut my long hair into long bob so im ready for anything lol. Thank you xx

Hello Nurhachi

I am just about to go through this exact treatment you have had. How did you feel? Did you have any side effects? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. x

@WeeP it wasn’t easy, but, looking back, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Lots of nausea and vomiting, but Zofran helped. No appetite, I even lost a few lbs. I had a lot of fatigue throughout treatment, and for a few months following, but I was still able to continue working. I didn’t lose my hair, and people told me I didn’t look sick at all. My blood counts dipped, but that’s to be expected, and they monitor that closely.

I am now NED :slight_smile: I had a complete response to treatment. So every inconvenience was worth it.

You will do great, best of luck!