Starting radiotherapy

I have finished my chemo and am due to start my radiotherapy tomorrow, just writing this post basically for peoples advice on how they coped? is it as bad as it sounds? i know everyones different on how they are effected by the treatment and chemo wasnt bad for me at all so hopefully i will get through this relatively unscathed or as unscathed as i can be! 



diagnosed 18th of june with stage 4a cervical cancer also bladder cancer 

3 cycles of chemo finished 




ive just had my cervical markers in ready for radiotherapy which is due to start on 23/09/13 so a little behind you. Ive had one round of chemo and again i had little side effects but was told i would loose my hair. Not lost any yet. Have you lost any?


I was told by my doctor that radiotherepy just makes you tired, but traveling backwards and forwards daily is just as tiring.


how has your first one gone? 

hi my first one went well didnt take too long came home and was very tired after it still feeling tired now which i wasnt expecting. they say you wont feel much difference until mid treatment and the tiredness you will get used to. 

i have lost a small amount of hair but its thinning and i shouldnt lose it all i have little patches which upset me a little but think i have got away with a lot of the side effects relatively well so refuse to complain...unless im having a bad day and i end up ranting away on here. 

take care