Had colposcopy and they taken biopsy!! (children mentioned)

Hi there I'm a mum of three and had my first smear test on the 2nd Jan 18. I had borderline changes but high risk hpv. I was horrified. I have no pains no bleeding and normal 28 day periods so I was shocked. So I had my colposcopy on Friday 16th Feb 18 and I had a biopsy taken, I'm so scared and thinking the worst he said it was a very small area. But what is it I should expect to see when they send me my letter? I have anxiety disorder and I'm so stressed out at the moment and im really scared. All family say is ill be fine don't worry but they don't know I'll be ok!! Just driving me mad. 

Hi, I am sorry to hear your worried. I am in the same boat,waiting the results of biopsy. I can’t really answer your question, but I guess we just have to wait.. it’s a scary wait! I am so anxious- One moment I am fine, andrhe next I freak out. Thinking of you x