Borderline Changes in cells and high risk HPV positive

So my last smear last year flagged up HPV so went for a 12 month smear about 3 weeks ago and I have now been referred to have a colposcopy on 10th December. I am so scared and I know I'm not the only woman to go through this but I'm thinking the worst and just keep getting upset. Few questions of this has happened to anyone does the biopsy hurt or is it just uncomfortable like a smear? Obviously no one can come in with me because of covid restrictions I'm a nervous reck. Any feed back would be much appreciated xxx 

Hi I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and am awaiting biopsy results. I'm 26 with three children and am worried sick too. If it's any comfort the staff are really good and experts at this as opposed to the nurse doing the smears. The colposcopy I found more comfortable as the bed is in a good position and it was just a bit uncomfortable. I didn't feel the biopsies being taken as the dr got me to cough. I'm just telling myself the smear and colposcopies are to prevent cancer so try not to worry. Easier said than done I know I feel like my life has come to a complete stop. Wishing you luck xx


Thank you for the feedback much appreciated. I've got two children and always think the worst. You are right though they are doing this to keep us safe, I'm just a worrier always have been. Sending you love and positivity hoping the results come  back absolutely fine for you. Xxxx