Worried about biopsy results

I went for my colposcopy today after having my first ever smear come back as borderline changes with high risk hpv (I'm only 24). The two nurses were lovely and kept me calm throughout. She took a biopsy and afterwards showed me the picture of my cervix - just a small area of white ish stuff in the middle. They didn't seem to worried and said I should receive my results in the post in the next few weeks. I was so positive when I left but as the hours have gone by I'm starting to panic about whether it could be cancer, and even if it's not that it will be something that is just going to be a constant source of worry for years to come! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm the first of my friendship group to have this so just feeling a bit low.

Aww hun u sound very much like me. First in my group of friends and i also had a borderline with hpv smear. My consultant didnt show me pictures but did tell me he could see a very small area of mild changes right in the middle and he took a biopsy. He also was very reassuring about what he saw and my biopsy results were spot on with what he suspected-hpv changes only! I still to this day find myself freaking out and going over all the 'what ifs' but not so much as before... its something that I think I will continually have to struggle with in some way... i just try to keep reminding myself that i am in the best hands possible and these doctors and nurses see these things every day so try to find reassurance in the fact that they werent too concerned about what they saw

I'm waiting colposcopy appt smear came back as severe abnormal changes so so worried I'm 25 with 3 lil ones so I'm eorried sick not eating or sleeping well gosh it's so scary. Just wish this appt would hurry up can't stand waiting! 

HI im waiting my coloscopy also 26th of this month. For borderline and high risk hpv. Really worried what they will find. Hope your results come back ok. Good luck x

Thanks alexs it helps to know I'm not the only one! Just want to know what they found, it's the not knowing and waiting that is worse! Amanda and Lauren I know how you feel but the colposcopy isn't bad at all. I actually found it a better experience than the smear test as the nurses were so lovely and take the time to explain everything they are doing. If they want to take a biopsy they'll ask you to cough and then it just feels like a tiny scratch for a second. Try not to worry about the results, my GP says it's better to be in the system and catch these things early, it's better than not knowing! i hope you both get on okay xx

I know... the waiting is awful... i completely fell apart when the hospital I was referred to told me I could wait 34 weeks for my results...like I was a complete mess-if this had been a smear before hpv testing I would hve had a follow up smear sooner!!!  I ended up paying for the colp and biopsies privately because I would have driven myself crazy and had a complete mental breakdown... its so weird because i was so calm when I had a CIN1 smear a few years back and was just asked to repeat smear in 6 months... i think its that word 'referral' that got me... sounds so silly! I think having hpv looming over us is also a major thing... its like its a little ticking bomb just waiting to be allowed to explode, at least thats how it feels in my head if that makes sense. BuT, then its also good that we have been tested and we know its there so we can hopefully make sure it doesnt get the opportunity to explode in the future!!

hi, I was a bit of a soldier with child birth so not to worried about the treatment but the waiting for appointments and results is killing me I can't eat or sleep and I don't think it has left my mind for more than 1 minute since Tuesday, I'm more worried about how I will cope during waiting times and making myself I'll, my children have already picked up on it which upsets me more. If you have biopsy via nhs can results be hurried if you go private- does anybody know how much private is? Luckily I have my colposcopy today instead of next Friday due to cancelation.  I think this is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with so I 100% feel for you all too. I've googled and googled (I no this is bad) but thought it's best to prepare myself for the worst just in case. tume to get up now even though I've been awake since 4am! This website is great and nice to see people supporting each other! X