Grade 3 changes in two types of cells?


This is my first post and I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I had a colposcopy and two biopsy’s two weeks ago due to having had 2 inadequate smears. She also did another smear whilst she was there. They told me to expect a letter in 4 weeks with results. The nurse phoned me today (after two weeks) saying that she wanted to talk to me about my results to make sure i understood them. She explained that there are two different types of cervical cells, and my biopsies and smear show Grade 3 changes in both cells. She said for this reason they will need to take a biopsy from my birth canal. She said she wanted me in for the Lletz treatment asap, then moved appointments around to fit me in next Friday. She said because I have “big cells” it makes the procedure a little more tricky so she won’t be able to do it it will be a consultant.

I’m struggling to find information on these 2 types of cells, and I’m a bit panicked by how fast they have got my results to me and getting me in for the treatment.

Has anyone any experience of this? Can you point me in the right direction for information on the two different types of cells.


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Sorry you’re going through this, glad they have got you in quick and good luck for the lletz.

I would presume she means Squamous cells on the outside of the cervix these are flat shiny I believe like the inside of your cheek (how I always think about it lol) described as cin if abnormal and glandular cells that are inside the cervix/birth canal as she described it, these are more like your tongue (again how I think about it lol I might be wrong) and would be described as cgin if abnormal.

It’s great that they have found it and are treating you quickly so keep positive xx

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Thankyou so much for your response, that makes sense to me. All a bit overwhelming to be honest, im so tired today after worrying all night.

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You’re welcome I completely understand that feeling, it’s awful and very consuming like you can’t focus or do anything else. Try focus on the good points that it’s been found and not long to wait for treatment and finding out more. Although I’m sure it’ll feel like a long week until next Friday, make sure you take someone with you if your driving as I felt abit faint after my lletz both times I think it’s more the aesthetic they use that took it out of me. Oh and some chocolate to cheer your self up after x

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Thankyou so much xx