Got results back but still worried.

Hi to all.

I had an abnormal smear with severe dyskaryosis almost 3 weeks ago, 4 days later was booked in for colposcopy and they performed LLETZ there and then.

i had a phone call today from the consultants secretary to say that CIN3 was found but they have found more abnormal cells in the canal.

these results are now being taken to a board meeting next Thursday and she will let me know on Friday what the outcome is.

has anyone had similar experienced, where do I go from here?

any advice would be appreciated.

thank you very much.xxxx

Hi there

It sounds like you still have some abnormal cells remaining after the LLETZ treatment. The purpose of the board meeting is to get the various specialists together to discuss each case, and to decide what the best course of action is (further treatment, watch and wait for a while etc) for each one.

You should hear from them after the meeting, with a recommendation on what should be done next.



thank you for your reply.

these whole 3 weeks have been so confusing and worrying. 

So now I've had the lletz everything in my cervix has gone? I'm so confused.

shall I ring my GP in the morning for clarification?

im just worried about it in the canal, I don't know what it means.



There are 2 types of abnormal cells, the ones on the surface of the cervix (these are the ones which have a CIN number, as in your CIN3) and the ones which are found in the endocervical canal. This is the canal that goes from your cervix up towards your womb. Cell changes there are called CGIN. If you look at some of the posts from ladies with CGIN, they wiill be talking about the same thing that has been found in your case. I think if you look in the info pages on the Jo's website there is also some explanation of this.

Following the LLETZ they have probably removed all the abnormal CIN3 cells from your cervix, but in the process they have found that you also have some CGIN cells lurking higher up. They might need to give you some further treatment to get rid of those too.

Hopefully some of the CGIN girls will be along soon to explain better than I can, but I hope that helps at least a bit!!


Thank you very much, you've been lovely.xx

Hiya try not to worry the cells in the canal are glandular cells pre cancerous there just sometimes little buggers to detect and pick up you will prob need maybe another lletz I have these little pesky cells they were picked up on my smear I’ve totally crapped myself for past two weeks but got my results today from lletz unfortunately there may still be some cells left so I’m getting discussed too for next step and possible treatment from another lletz to a hysterectomy but that’s the last option and with me have completed my family and I have my tubes tied , I still don’t know a lot about them myself there is some info of them on jos trust main page and if you have any concerns they have the ask the expert panel to which are great they helped answere some of my concerns of the cells wishing you well and sending lots of positive thoughts Xx

Thank you JoJo.

i too have completed my family and would not object to a hysterectomy if need be.

ill have a look on the main page now. 


your welcome don't quote me on the hysto tho I'm not totally sure that used to be protocol for glandular cells but it varies now but hope you get some answeres Xx

Hi rockabilly chick

I know how you are feeling as in the exact same situation- waiting till Friday for meeting outcome with no real clue what's going on?? I too have finished my family and I just want them to whip it all out!!! It's the not knowing what's going on that drives you mad! When I asked about a hysto I was told they didn't know what they were dealing with yet so couldn't say!! Which hospital are you with? 


Hi lady's have either of you had your results or outcomes from the meeting I've been thinking of you both my meeting on Friday app Monday hoping one last lletz and these darn cells gone for good x