Awaiting LLETZ .... scared

Had Colposcopy today following abnormal smear. Told I had very vast CIN3 masses with vascular involvement (my blood vessels are entwined within it) and as such am having LLETZ treatment under General Anesthesia on Monday. They said it was too complicated to do under a local due to the vascular involvement. I am so worried about this and terrified I am going to bleed to death afterwards. Its all happening so fast, only had my smear test 3 weeks ago and now I’m in this situation. Never had an abnormal smear before. I am 35. Dont have or want children so no concern in that department just ever so anxious about this treatment and being told its very severe. How can it go from normal to severe in 3 years. My last smear test before this one was normal/clear

Hello there,

I just wanted to tell you my story so far. I had a very similar situation as you with regards to being referred due to the severity of the cin3. I had my operation yesterday under GA and it went incredibly smooth actually. I can’t speak for those who have had it with local, but for me, general was absolutely the best option. I’m glad they opted to do it that way. The only problem I have is that I feel very unaware of what’s happened in surgery due to waking up in recovery and not seeing anyone afterwards who could explain how it went. I only saw a Nurse who didn’t have much information. So if there’s one thing I would change, it would be to ask for a little run down afterwards.
I was home the same day and I’m just resting today. If you have any more questions please just ask, I really hope it all goes okay. Please keep us updated :blush: xxx

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Morning! I’m sorry that you’re so scared. All of your feelings are perfectly valid as it is a stressful time.

I have CIN3 and currently waiting for a date for my LLETZ. I had a smear test last year which said I had HPV but no abnormal cells. Had to go back for another smear this year and just recently had a colposcopy which has confirmed CIN3. Also baffled how it can go to severe in such a short space of time.

I hope Monday goes well for you. Keep us updated xxx