Got my results!

Hi lovely ladies,

I just wanted to share my experience to put anyone who is worrying like I did’s mind at ease.

I had my colposcopy 2.5 weeks ago and despite having mild abnormalities at smear was told it was probably cin 2, maybe 3.

I freaked myself out to a ridiculous point and was convinced that I had cancer.

I just got my letter and the results are…
Colposcopy = cin 2
Biopsy = cin 2
Taking the ‘watch and wait’ approach with a check-up in 6 months time.

Trust the lovely staff - they know what they’re doing - and don’t let your mind convince you otherwise.

I hope everyone is coping OK and that this can bring some peace to anyone worrying like I did!

Now - anyone have any tips for getting rid of this blasted HPV?!


Great news! My story was very similar :) xx


lovely to hear that you are being so positive :-)

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment about 14 weeks ago and my results were CIN2 and CIN3 no clear margins :-( which means that in March (would be 6 months) I must return for further colposcopy to assess if the unclear margins have returned to normal. if not then further treatment will be required.

in short basically they are hoping that the treatment along with lifestyle change will mean that the HPV will have left my body and the cells will return to normal by them selves!! (the test of cure will give that answer)

any way I have given up smoking instantly at time of LLETZ treatment and I have started excerising. I have started taking super strentgh vitamins and plenty of vitamin C also evening primrose oil. this should all help bring my immunity up and help fight the HPV!!

Hope this may help you a little?

take care

Hi Lottie, 

I gave up smoking the minute I got my letter about the abnormal smear - it's just not worth it at all! I was only a 'social' smoker, but I still couldn't remember a time for longer than 4 weeks that I'd not smoked for! I've been smoke-free for 5 weeks now and can't believe I haven't done this before. I was so naive about smoking and its effects, I had no idea that it affected the immune system's ability to fight viruses, and I knew nothing at all about its links to cervical cancer or HPV! I naively assumed it was just lung/throat/mouth cancer - what an idiot. 

I'll try the multi-vitamins too! I have been trying my best to eat a healthy diet and trying to exercise twice a week at the gym. Do you think stopping the pill would help get rid of the HPV?



Thank you for the suggestions. This has been very helpful. I've been recently diagnosed with HPV infection. Low grade abnormall cells. I've been researching into how to get rid of HPV naturally.


I've brought some evening prim rose oil tablets, vitamin c capusles and also trying to vary my diet so it's more fruits, vegetables.


I've got my colospy in a few weeks. I'm abit nervous to be honest ladies