Got my results.

I've had a phone call today from the colposcopy nurse. Following on from the lletz treatment I had last week she told me that they found cin2 and cin3. They think they have removed it all as she said I had clear margins. The plan is for follow up in 6 months time. My case is being discussed at an mdt meeting as there was a discrepancy between my original smear and what they found on the biopsy. I was initially told it was borderline but they then found cin3. I'm confused as to how that happened but glad they caught it in time anyway as they couldn't find anything sinister. I will now try and enjoy my summer and hope that when it comes to my 6th month check up they won't find anything. In the meantime, I'm going to try and boost my immune system to help keep the HPV at bay. Time for a big glass of wine I think Laughing

I am happy for the news!! Enjoy your summer!

I also got my results yesterday CIN2 with clear margins smear in 6 months, what a wait it has been! 


Jan 17 - severe dyskarosis 

feb 17- colposcopy biopsy taken

apr 17- CIN1 smear 1 Year

jan 18- borderlands me changes HOV positive

feb 18- colposcopy biopsy 

march 18 - lletz for CIN2

April 18 - CIN2 with clear margins confirmed smear 6 months

Great news. My colposcopy nurse said that it's up to my immune system to try and keep the HPV at bay so I'm on a mission to to improve it. I'm a type 1 diabetic so my immune system isn't the greatest but I don't want this to come back if I can help it. Let's hope we all stay cin free!