CIN 3 and unclear margins, but positive outcome :-)

I just wanted to post an update... Firstly to say thank you to this forum for keeping me sane and teaching me loads about cervical abnormalities and how amazingly strong people can be through the worst of times!! 

My signature tells my story, so wont bore you with it all. I had lletz in Nov for CIN 3 and just had results of test of cure smear and I'm all clear!! I'm so extatic and so thankful. After they advised me the margins weren't clear I resigned myself to further lletz, but after becoming healthier my body has kicked some HPV butt. 

For those dealing with CIN be positive. For those dealing with worse you are amazing!! I'm already planning some fundraising through work for the cervical cause.... This journey has really opened my eyes. I will also be paying for the HPV vaccine for my son when the time comes. 



So so pleased for you!! Thanks so much for posting an update - particularly because it's positive :)


Beyond concerned, what healthy changes did you make to help your body clear it??