Lletz results totally confused!

Hiya all so my smear showed CIN3 biopsy showed CIN3 

had Lletz under GA got my results today and it shows CIN1? What on earth?

im over the moon of course and I'll be back in the waiting game in six months one good hing to come from all of this

is at my next smear they'll test me for HPV! I'm just confused about the CIN1? 



Hey nic, glad you got your results :) mine were almost like yours, smear was boderline (CIN 1) my biopsy was CIN 2/3 (they couldn't decide) but my lletz result was CIN 1. My consultant said to me when I went for my lletz that he thinks that he may have for it all in the biopsy he first took, so he expected my lletz result to be ok. So maybe that's what happend to you, as they take the biopsy from the worst looking area, which was obviously CIN 3 but the surrounding area which was removed in the lletz was only CIN 1. It's good news and a relief for you, so congrats to that. Probably see you on here again in 6 months when we go for our 6 month check up xxx

I'll still be in here all the time lol it's like my little lifeline these days! 

like I say I'm really pleased just a little confused by it thanks for the reply hopefully in six months

it will be back to three years xxxx

Yh iv not been on for a few days but wanted to see how you lot were doing. Hope your ok :) and yeah bring on the next 6 months and hopefully we will get a normal result :) good luck xxx

Fab news ! Xx I'm still waiting :(

Good news :-) I'm still waiting too! Got another week yet I think before my lletz results x