Hi all :) 

After almost 3 weeks of waiting for biopsy results, I phoned the colposcopy department this morning to see if they have the results. The receptionist was so lovely and helpful. Biopsy has confirmed smear test and colposcopy findings of Cin 1 and high risk hpv. She said she wasn't sure if the consultant will treat now or just check at my 6 month appointment. Either way I'm delighted. 

I'm now on a health kick to see if it will make any difference. X

Hi there

Lucky you :-) Sounds like you got a good result there. I just got mine in and it went from borderline with high risk HPV on the smear, to CIN2 on the biopsy results, so I am now booked in for LLETZ treatment (after my hols though!).

When I asked my consultant, she said that for CIN1 they would normally give it 6 months to see if it sorts itself out, as many cases do just that. She said they would normally only treat CIN1 right away if the patient is so anxious about it that she will spend the 6 months worrying about it.

Good luck with the health kick, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you can fight it off

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Oh no, what a vast difference from smear results :( did they not notice it on the colposcopy? Fingers crossed that it all goes as pleasantly as possible. Hope you have a lovely holiday. X

Well, interestingly both my GP and the colposcopy receptionist said that borderline is mild as mild can be, but the consultant said it actually means more like "we can't really be sure with the smear sample" hence they want to check it out at colposcopy. Apparently the smear gets quite a small number of cells, so while it will show if they are changes, there aren't always enough to see what kind of changes.

I did ask the doctor on the day how she thought it looked and she said that if she had to guess based on the colposcopy, CIN1 or CIN2. Which at least meant that the biopsy results weeren't a huge shock.

I plan on not thinking about it for a bit, enjoying my hols, and hopefully getting it fixed once and for all when I get back!

Thanks for your lovely reply - it's so nice to know that there are others who know what this is like :-) actually that sounds a bit bad .... but you know what I mean I am sure!!

Sounds like you're being well looked after :) 

i definitely know what you mean- no one in my family of circle of friends have experienced anything other than a normal smear so it's such a blessing to find a website dedicated to helping those affected by abnormal smears and being in contact with them. Over the last couple of weeks I've taken up quilting in a bid to keep myself occupied by something other than my health and it really helped (also made some pretty blankets out of it). Xx

Yes it's good to do something that absorbing isn't it - really takes your mind off it. For me it's a ride on my motorbike that does it. Too busy concentrating on the bike and the road to worry about anything else ;-)


My husband would love you- another motorbike fanatic :) he's currently trying to plan a European tour with some of his biker buddies. 

Mine's trying to pass his test! I've turned him to the dark side ha ha .... He took the test and failed (mainly due to nerves by the sounds of it) a couple of weeks ago, and has another one booked this Friday. I'm keeping everything crossed :-) If he doesn't get it, he'll be on the back of mine for the summer hols, and probably very disappointed. I don't suppose the worrying about all this colposcopy stuff probably helped him much - I was at my most panicked just when he was trying to get ready for the test :-/