results in!!

Morning guys

Right I'm a feeling a little panicky, even though I told myself I wasn't going to!! I had LLETZ treatment for CIN 3 10 days ago. Iv just called and spoken to the secretary who says the resuits are back, they're sat on the consultants desk who will call me when she has chance! 

Obviously hearing this has freaked me out and just wanted to know other people's exexperience's with this sort of thing wether good or bad! :) xxx 

Morning :)

I'm due to go for my colposcopy next week and really not looking forward to it. Just out of interest what did your results letter say from your smear when you received it? Did it say you had CIN 3 or borderline changes?

I have been told I have borderline changed and have tested positive for HPV.

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah :)

It's a horrible time! All the waiting and not knowing is a real pain!! The smear came back with severe/high grade changes....never had a biopsy just went straight for the lletz as it was rrecommended By consultant. I havnt been tested for HPV but I did ask the Dr about it when I had treatment & she says that it's most likely present due to having abnormalities...


Fingers crossed all goes well for you!! THe actual colposcopy is fine, just a little uncomfy :) xxx



My doctor has told me I'm not being sent to the colposcopy for the borderline changed but for the HPV, I know borderline changes should be ok and return to normal, but the HPV scares the hell out of me, I had a smear 3 years ago and that came back clear, but they didn't test for HPV then, I'd love to know how long it has been there for and if it was when I had my other smear.

I think we just need to try not to panic about things, and I'm sure your results will come back just fine and you can get on without having to worry about this anymore.

I will keep my fingers crossed you receive a call soon and they dont keep you waiting for too long, keep us updated :) xx


Hi Leanda,

Good luck. Thinking of you


Hi Hun.... I did the same!!! I rang the secretary who said my results are there.... She said she'd print it off n show the consultant.... She said they'd had a back log at the lab But my results are there.... She said to wait for a letter n the consultant would send for me if he wanted to see me.... N all she would say was that the results were not marked urgent..... So fingers crossed for us both!!!  

Hi Leanda,

How did it go? 

Thinking of you


Hi all :) glad you've got your results back Helen, fingers x'd for you too!! Well the consultant never called so am thinking no news is!!! :) will wait and see what tomorrow brings....thanks suzy & shell will keep you posted :) good luck Sarah!! :) xxx