my results.

Hi ladies, 

I got my results through and they differ slightly to my initial smear. I was told I was having lletz for cin2 anyhow my letter states they have fully removed cin3 and it states I now need to go back to my gp in six month for a smear and HPV test. Is this what normally happens?? I am very happy about my results but if I have HPV what are the chances of this returning ? I don't really understand why I need the test - is six months too long? Is it just to keep a close eye on it? 

I am so thankful to have found jos trust it really helped me through the waiting game which is so hard. I still have a lot of questions though especially if I test positive will it come back? Any chance something bad could happen in the six month wait!? Paranoid at the best of times. But very happy I was caught early enough! 

Also wonder why I was told I had cin2 but the letter says fully removed cin3?

Love to you all. 

Maybe it had progressed to CIN3. You are lucky it was all removed. There is always chances of it returning but also great opportunity that it won't. The cervix takes 6 months to heal before they can see if anything more has developed, at least that's what my dr told me and I've been going for years every 6 months. Good luck, hope all is well!!

Thank you wens x


Hi! Thats fab news, I know it was CIN 3 but they have removed it all. I had the same letter, back in 6 months for colposcopy, smear and they will test for HPV. i think if you are HPV negative, you go back to 3 yearly smears. If not then its 6 months and then annually. I expect that i will be HPV positive, as i think that is what usually causes the abnormal cells. Try not to worry too much about that they have removed the cells and i doubt anything significant will happen in 6 months :-) Hope you can relax now xxx

Thank you princess x