Good news

After the worst 18 months in the history of Suzysooz, 2 colposcopies, 2 surgeries, 3 smears and a very long period of anxious waiting in between, I finally have a clear smear. I actually cried a little bit (lot) with relief. Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have offered kind words of reassurance and support when it was needed most. I really had almost given up hope but have been put back on a 3 yearly recall now. Hope this gives some of you hope too x

Hi Suzysooz that is great news you got the all clear celebrations!!! All the tests and waiting can be a nightmare but it has all been worth it. I wish you all the best for a very long and healthy furture. Big Hugs xx

That's awesome!!!!!!!!! X X x

Great news! I remember reading your ongoing saga while mine was also rumbling along. So pleased you've finally got a good result :-)

Thanks everyone. Wasn't sure if it was ever going to end! X