Results finally.

Hi ladies, after weeks of slowly going out of my mind i came home from town today to find a letter from the hospital. Its all been removed with clear margins so i’m back to 6 month check up in march. I feel so relieved this whole things been 1 long nightmare n without you lovely ladies to talk too, i don’t think i’d of been able to get through it. Thank you so much xxxxx

So glad the waiting is finay over for you & it is good news.


Great news! Well done you!

Lisagp x x x

Good news!! Go celebrate with a glass of wine and something sweet!!


xxx dons

Thats great news Sharon - you must be so pleased.  I am really happy for you



Hi Sharon

Ahhhh brilliant news!!! massive relief for you I as Don says get out there and have a big glass of wine to celebrate!

all the best hunny xxx