Finally good news

Hi ladies

Unfortunately on Friday I collapsed in severe pain. I was rushed to hospital where I was told if I wasn't rushed into theatre I will die. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding.  I came some last night (Sunday) after successful surgery and removal of my left fallopian tube.  Now apart from having life saving surgery I came home to find a letter saying for the first time I have a completely clear smear and now won't beed one until 2017!!! Very happy :)

Aww how awful :( so sorry to hear that! You've really been through it haven't you. Couldnt read and run in regards to your result its brilliant. Time to put all of this behind you now xx good luck xxx

Oh Sammie! I hope you're doing ok! Brilliant news about your smear test results though - it's defintely a weight off your mind (seems a bit sad, but i sat down and had a good hearty 10 minute cry when I got my clear result!). I hope your recovery goes well x x x