Going back to work

The time  as come  that  im going  back  to  work soon finished  my  treatment  on 9 th  March  any  advice about  going bak  so nervous  as i have  a new  manager 

Hi helpme

I am so glad that you are able to go back to work just take your time and don't push yourself.:-)

Im going  back on phased return  12 hrs  a week to start  not sure  i lik  my  new  .manager she wasnt  very  chatty  when i went in today  neither  was  she last  week  wonder how  my bak to work  meeting  goes x


Maybe after she gets to know u all will be good. I habe had two new boss's since going back to work and they have both need time to earm up to me.:-) i work for the post office and work 6 days a week it was hard when i went back but am getting ise to it now.

:-)  xxx


Hi help me

I went back to work 3 months after treatment ..totally different line of work because I was made redundant from my other job the day I started treatment which worked out great for me...I started my new job (workin in a pub )I will be honest firat few weeks I struggled..I was mentally ready but my body told.me otherwise. .I would ache in places I didn't know I had..gradually it got better and It became a doddle. .unfortunately iv had to give up work again due to a 2nd lot of treatment. .but as long as u lis ten to ur body I'm sure u will be fine ..good luck xx

Thanks i think  12 hrs a week  in a phyiscal job is  enough to start  x