Phased Return to Work

Hello Ladies

After the roller coaster of the last 7 months I am starting to return to normal ... albeit a new normal !!!

I am looking at returing to work on a phased basis - I was wondering if anyone else has done this recently and how long was the phase period ??  I will be talking to HR who have been great and are keen for a phased return.  I appreciate that we are all different, and I intend to take things slowly, but thought I would ask for others experiences

Many thanks


hey 3 weeks into my phased teturn and am nearly back to my normal hours. the doctor gave me a 4 week one and to see hiw it goes. to be honest im really enjoying getting back to nirmal and i dont thunk about the cancer as much. hope all goes well with you love, lea xxxx

Hi Tracey Great to hear you are doing so well. I went back to work 7 weeks after my rad hysterectomy and worked while I had my brachy (no external). In hindsight it was a bit quick but helped my head at the time, if not my body!! Did just one day the first week and walked home crying because everything hurt from sitting at a desk all day! Think the emotions of seeing everyone hit me as well. After that I did 3 days each week, which was my normal pattern at the time anyway. Don't think I'd have coped with anymore than that for at least a month. Was very tired initially but it helped my head loads as I wasn't thinking about the cancer all day, every day like I was when I was off. Good luck and listen to your body, you'll know when you are overdoing it.

Ali xx

Hi ladies

Thanks for the replies ..... I have discussed with my doctor and she is really supportive, so just have to have the HR meeting now to discuss !



Hi Tracey

I did my phased return over 8 weeks.  Started with afternoons 4 days a week and gradually built it up a bit at a time.  I was very tired but it really helped mentally - it was great to think of something different.

Did a bit on my laptop from home too.  Have been full time since mid March now and its great to get a bit of normality back.

Good luck with your phased return, don't overdo it and listen to your body.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thanks Cheryl.

I am going to be doing a phased return (Dr recommends 3 months..) - I have been off since end of Dec, and had chemo/radio and then surgery ..... so will only do what I feel I can.  Also I do think that this whole experience has made me realise that being a workaholic is not good and theres a lot more to life !!

Glad you are doing well......



I totally agree Tracey.  I used to be a real workaholic and was always in the office till 7pm and on Saturdays.  Not any longer!!  No more Saturdays and finish by 5.30pm.  I've certainly realised what's more important and if I feel like putting my feet up then that's what I do.

Hubby has continued doing a share of the cooking and I don't beat myself up if things don't get done as quick as they used to.

As someone once said to me 'life is for living' and for those of us lucky enough to come through this then that is what we must do.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Tracy,

I'm hoping to start back at work next Monday on a phased return.  I had a meeting with Employee Health who were very supportive. She suggested in a letter that I start on half days. I'm yet to meet up with my line manager but i think it will be about four weeks, and use extra A/L if i need more time. I'm being a little reserved until I've had my first follow up appointment on Thursday. Very nervous about it but work and my GP will support me depending on the outcome.

All the best Tracy :-) xxx

Hi Nicky,

Good luck with your return to work.  

My company have a phased return to work policy for those that have been off on long term sick and they insist on part time return.   My Dr has suggested a phased return over 3 months, and I have my meeting with HR and my line manager later this week to discuss.   Generally the company have been great, but there have been 'issues' to deal with over the last few months, so it will be a case of 'see how it goes' .....  If Im not happy then I will delay my return, because I dont want to over do things and go back to square 1 !! Maybe Im being a bit careful .... but I have decided that after going through everything I have (and what you other ladies have been through) that I am putting myself first ......

I hope all goes well for you on your return .... and remember to take things slowly......

Take care,

Hi Nicky, good luck for Thursday xx


Sue xx

Monday is return to work day ...... 1/2 days for now and then regular reviews.

Hope you are getting on ok Nicky xx


Please do be careful, all you Beautiful Ladies. I live in the USA and just recently one of the most respected medical authorities in this country told me his greatest concern now for me was that I don't overdo. 

He knows I love to be active, but would prefer I not put myself at risk ever again. I agree, but it is hard. Old habits....

Hugs to All, Katie