Return to work

Hi all, 

Nearing the end of my treatment (chemo, radio, brachy) and keen to hear how long it was before you went back to work or how long you're planning to take off?

I know everyone is individual x


I went back to work 3weeks after my treatment had finished because I was so bored at home And wanted to get back to normal asap.

 But now I realised that was way too soon and that I should of had longer.  

The decision is yours how do you feel?  


Hi Sweet Pea :-)

Can you negotiate a phased return to work? Starting off part-time until your energy levels are back? Just a thought.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Sweetpea, 

I worked during my treatment, with the exception of the days that I had brachy  (they wouldn't let me drive or work on those days).

Of course, everyone is different, but I'd say if you feel up to it, you'll probably be fine!