returning to work

Hi guys, I finished my treatment at the beginning of October and had 6 weeks of feeling the last of the effects but now I feel fine. I know I’m getting better as I’ve been able to clean my house - over 2 go’s - and now I want to kill anyone who makes a mess (I am really house proud and hate mess!!) - this is the biggest thing ever for me lol! Sad!

Anyway I have been off work since then end of February and my work have been paying me a full wage until September then a part wage and now they have decided to pay me just what I am owed for my remaining holidays - which I don’t mind as they have been so kind to pay me as they have. I have told them I will be returning to work on the 4th January and will be doing reduced hours for a week then going back to full time - my choice - they offered to do this over a month but I think this is too long.

Has anyone else gone back to work since treatment has ended and if so how soon after? Did you feel ok working again? I ask as my job is very stressful and very “do 20 things at once” (I answer calls, do post, administration and help new starters and people below my grade as I am a senior in my role - all at the same time sometimes!).

I am nervous about going back but excited! I was meant to be doing work from home since August but I was very unwell then the laptop I was given won’t work and the it department is poo!

Hi Carmel. I had a rad hyst in August last year, followed by treatment which finished mid November. I went back to work at the end of January on reduced hours, gradually increasing to 30 hours plus on calls. I am a midwife and work can be tough at times, but it felt really good to be back to normality! Good luck x

Congratulations Carmel! :-)

Well done on getting your house just as you like it. Congratulations on feeling good enough to return to work. Your employers must really think the world of you!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Carmel, 

I'm so pleased to hear you are well and returning to work.

I finished treatment on 25th August and went back to work on 14th September,  so a little over 2 weeks. 

My job is physically demanding and I also have 3 mini me's to run around after. Mostly I'm fine but do have days when I get more tired,  but can usually put them down to having over done it. 

Keep listening to your body and you will hopefully be fine with your return to work. 

Good luck xxx



Hi carmel, 

I'm also going back to work at start of Jan. I had RH in July but was off a month prior to that after LLETZ. Been a longer recovery than I anticipated but surgery was more complex too. I'll be doing a phased return over 6 weeks, waiting for occupational health to confirm arrangements for this. I'm nervous but now looking forward to it. My job can be physically demanding, but is also very mentally and emotionally demanding plus stressful. Good luck with your return xx

Hi carmel

ive just gone back to work 8 weeks post treatment for recurrent cervical cancer , I'm on phased return for four weeks , so far it's been ok abit tiring but I'm managing , it's good to be back though abit of normality after the past few months 

take care