returning to work..!!!!

Hi ladies hope you are all keepin ok. Im thinking i should be looking into going bck to work however i dont feel ready. My supervisor and an work mates are phoning asking when im returning. I think they feel because my treatment s over and the cancer was "removed" that everything is fine and dandy !!!! Im suffering with my bowels need to be near a toilet as cannot hold it like before, im suffering with lymphodema and ave to wear compression tights everyday. I feel like they o not tell you what to expect when treatment is over, you are basically left on your arse!!! I have 2 weeks left on my sick note but i being made to feel that if i go for another im  fraud as i know longer have cancer. Am i alone in feeling like this or i it ommon. Sorry for moaning on asi know there are women who are still struggling through diognoss nd treatment..

Llea xxx

Hi Llea,

I had my Rad Hyst on 8th Oct and then another op on 25th Oct and started my phased return back to work on 8th January.  Worked gradually up to full time in just over an 8 week period.  It was tough going at times and a couple of times I stayed at home for a day as I was so tired and in pain.  Mentally it helped just thinking about other stuff and talking about different things.

However, if you don't feel ready then don't let yourself be pushed into going back.  I will admit that I could have easily done with a bit longer.  Thought I was being strong but it's not always the best thing.

I agree that people think you are ok when the treatment is over but that's certainly not the case.  And yes, you are not told what to expect and there are things happening to your body and mind that you didnt expect.

You could have a chat with your GP and see what he/she advises.  In the meantime listen to your body and don't try and push yourself too hard.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi cheyrl, yes i think your right about going to GP. I dont feel ready whatsoever. I recovered great from the op but the effects from the RT are taking there toll. Where i work they are not very understanding and time off is a no no that is partly why i feel pressured into returning. They dont do PT but they ve said i will go back on a phased return. My partner has said why worry about going back as weve scraped by without my wages,. Thank you fr your reply ..hugs to you, lea x

Hi lea. Don't feel pressurised. These people don't know what you have been through and why are they so important? Listen to your partner and take all the time you need. Your doctor should support you. Work are probably trying to get their ducks in a row so I would be upfronyt about how much longer you think you need, then they won't be hassling you in a few weeks time again. Good luck x

Hi Lea,

I agree it's really hard after treatment,things come about mentally and physically that you're not prepared for.

I had really bad work guilt after the first time I was treated,in the end I gave up my job,taking the pressure off really helped me.

Then when I was better I got a better job lol!This time is different because I am self-employed so not sure what to do.

Don't listen to other people only you know how you feel,everyone is different and every cancer and its treatment is different.

When you have such a large amount of area treated it's bound to take a long time to recover.Going to the GP is good advice.


Becky x


HI Lea

I have just gone back in on a phased return this week - 12 weeks after a radical hysterectomy.  Although physically I feel ok and know to listen to my body. Mentally I still feel a bit woolie - couldn't remember basic stuff and I think it is hard facing everyone again.  People mean well by asking how you are but I don't want the world and their wife knowing what I have been through and having to repeat myself.  

You have to listen to your own body and if you are not ready then don't go in. It's much more important that you feel ok in yourself or you could do more damage emotionally / psychologically in the future.  My workplace have been really supportive which I am very grateful for but not all employers are like that. Part of me thinks if your employers aren't being too supportve then maybe they are not the right people to work for! You have been through so much - as have we all - and you need to think of yourself first and foremost. It makes me really cross when employers put pressure on people to return to work - especially when you consider everything we have been through.

Speak to your GP and take your time to get back to work. I would also explain to your employers that it is better for you to take the time now so that you are ready when you go back, rather than going back too soon and then going off again because you aren't coping with it all. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have some really good stuff on their website about work, stress, phased returns etc.

Hope that helps. Be kind to yourself

Hugs SL xx

Hi Llea,


I agree with all of the other posts listed here - I had my RH 4 weeks ago and was given the all clear but have to have a minor procedure in a couple of weeks for some stiches to one of my organs. I have returned back to work, working from home as my job is flexible and can be done at home - due to start my phased return in about 1-2 months; if I wasn't ready then I wouldn't be doing it and your work don't know how you feel nor can they compare any illness to what you have been through.


You are still on your journey and you don't know how you feel day to day - there is no rush and what's the worst that could happen? You have been through the worst and you made it!

Take Care and really do take your time, your not a fraud at all! xcx

Thank you all for you replies. I went o GP and he put me on antidepressents and signed me off for 8 weeks agin. He also said ive been through an awful lot in such a small amount of time that its normal to feel this way. Ive been on tabets nearly 2weeks and am starting to feel a little better. Lea xxx