How soon did you go go back to work?

am just wondering what the timeframe was for people going back to work? I am thinking of going back a month after treatment  has finished but have slight concern if its too soon as if I'm off again I won't get any income. 

 also concerned what happens if it comes back as I won't have any sick pay left, would I be better getting the first all clear? 

Just really seeking info on what other people have done xx

Hiya, I waited until I had my first check up and the all clear. I could have done with at least another month but the bills don't pay themselves . Just judge how you feel nearer the time x

Hi, thanks, yeah I should have said my treatment is done so I'm due back shortly, not sure I'm ready but not sure I'll ever be ready and I can do phased return... ill try maybe and get out of the house some more and see how I get on.But still dealing with side effects which is ok at home but not sure how I'll feel in the office... 

Yeah its hard going back and feeling so tired all the time. Thats really the only issue I had. Having more bother with late effect bowl issues now,thats fun at work haha x

I went back after my radiotherapy within a few days but I just wanted to feel normal, I was off for about 7 months or so to have all my treatment and was climbing the walls. Just take your time you will know when you are ready xx


i was on maternity leave when I went through treatment so after I was done treatment I gave myself extra time to enjoy the babe. I went back exactly 8 weeks from finishing treatment but could have realistically went back a bit sooner. Everyone is diffferent, you will be tired for the first bit after going back but if you can slug your way through it eventually it will feel ok. Good luck

Thanks lolli888, really think we should all be allowed the time off we have had to go through for treatments as a reward! I'll keep you posted :-) 

I'm hoping to go back in September which is 3 months post treatment. My consultant recommended 3-6 months post treatment to cope with the fatigue

hope that helps

julie x

I didn't have external beam radiation so was a bit different for me, I say each to their own and take all the time in the world that you need as your body definitely needs time to recover not to mention your brain lol. 


Charlene xxx

I worked all the way through my chemo an rads, had chrni day off an the following day off due to the insomnia, an then went back to work full time 4 days after braccy, I needed to work to keep my mind occupied an it was the only thing I felt in control of, everyone is different an only u know what works for you xx