Getting results quicker

So I just found out from my GP that GPs have access to an online system that consultants etc use to keep track of results and so forth. This means that my GP can tell me what status my biopsy is, whether it is still at the lab.

Hopefully this means that I can find out my results a bit easier or quicker than I thought, as my consultant only works 2 days a week.

I live in Scotland so not sureif this is the same system elsewhere (I imagine it is). But thought I would share in case it was helpful for anyone anxiously waiting like me!



Good luck, hope you get them soon xx

Is the same here in Northern Ireland.  That's how I found out my results nearly two weeks ago.  I'm still waiting for the letter from the hospital.  The only problem with this is that unless your doctor knows what the results mean, you're no further forward.  I think I knew more about the terms used than my gp so to be fair it gave me some relief to know there was no invasive cancer at least.